Perlucio Mirror

Perlucio Mirror

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Hand drawn glass, water gilded with pure silver, before being backed onto ebonised birch veneer and framed in oxidised lead, finished with natural wax. Made to order to the highest standards by our skilled artisans in Scotland. The inherent delicacy of these materials allows the craftsmen to subtly depart their own discrepancies during making into the final object, resulting in unique pieces that will slowly evolve their patina over many years.

Perlucio employs traditional, centuries old methods of working glass to provide a visual experience. From a distance reflections appear distorted and mysteriously out of focus, refracted light creates the shimmer you find looking at rippled water. While persons moving through the frame do so with a serene fluidity and reality takes on an ethereal peculiarity. As you come closer your reflection becomes more regular and the detail of the material and craftsmanship becomes more prominent. 

Hand drawn glass, silver leaf, ebonised birch veneer, oxidised lead frame.
Finish, natural wax.

Medium - Ø750mm x D13mm
Large - Ø1000mm x D13m
Custom sizes available at the discretion of SHY Design Studio.

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