SHY is a studio of design focused on furniture and products, as well as creative direction and project management for clients within the art and design industry. We carry values of simplicity and sustainability close to our hearts and reflect this with refined interpretations of traditional archetype. Our backgrounds living between the cultures and landscapes of Britain and Scandinavia direct our use of natural materials and strong, simple forms to provide lasting works to our quality conscious clientele.



Our most frequently asked question is, what’s the story behind the name SHY? We made a humble start assisting other artists and studios within the industry. In time, we assisted a small number of clients in the luxury collectible furniture niche, which is where our experience lay. This is a market which often requires complete discretion regarding the role we played in the design process, as well as the carefully selected artisans and ateliers we employed. So naturally we didn't much shout about or share what we were working on, or for who, as such we quickly became known as the SHY Design Studio. In late 2018 we began producing our own pieces under this brand, and we think SHY somehow perfectly reflects our style.



The beauty of our surroundings directly affects our wellbeing, we incite this with understated but engaging, tactile objects. We take no interest in trends, instead creating works that we want to live with ourselves, quiet design that endures. Whilst we love to bring our style into the homes and spaces of people like us, we also continue our earlier work assisting other artists, designers and studios to realise their own conceptual ideas. Our relationships take us regularly between London and Sweden, where we lived and worked for several years, but we now create predominantly from our studio in Glasgow, Scotland.



Works are ordinarily made to order, ensuring nothing is ever made which doesn't have a home. Our products are created with passion in the UK and Scandinavia, either made by us in house or entrusted to our quality led ateliers, who focus on the attention to detail that comes from hand making and  the expert craftsmanship which delivers longevity. We use carefully selected materials from sustainable sources, typically found close to the shores they're made on. Pieces are then stamped or engraved with our mark of authenticity. 



We use natural dyes, waxes and oils that allow us to champion the subtlety of the raw materials we are using, integral to our aesthetic. These do not harm our environment and are easy to maintain indefinitely. Our wood and leather pieces use traditional Scandinavian finishes which allow the material to breathe well and offer superior protection, without diminishing the delicacy of grain and colour. Natural finishes allow pieces to age and patina over time, continuing to add new layers of depth to their beauty. The patina of metal pieces can be nurtured with use or the original finish can be easily maintained with periodic polishing.   

If an alternative finish is desired, or for maintenance advice and instruction, please see our care page or get in touch with us.



All our standard boxes, fillers and packaging are made using 100% recycled materials. Some products require the use of specialist protection and timber crating for transport, all materials are recyclable. Please reuse or recycle packaging where possible.